MEET: Charmaine Hurrell from Evamoor Valley

people Mar 20, 2024

Charmaine is the mastermind behind Evamor Valley - an eco-glamping accommodation retreat, located on a stunning 34-hectare working farm property.

What makes Evamor Valley unique?

We are so close to Mudgee’s CBD and wineries, but once you’re on the property it’s like you are nestled away in the middle of nowhere - the only thing surrounding you is nature.

Each individual eco-tent is private so it’s fantastic for couples, but also great for groups, and all our tents have been carefully located to ensure privacy. Each tent is lovingly fitted with lush décor: from beautiful bed linen to a gorgeous stone sink and gold tapware, every element is designed with pure relaxation in mind. They have their own private rural hot tub, a private deck, fire pit, BBQ and expansive country views.

What inspired you to start your business?

We wanted to create a space for people who want to get away and escape their fastpaced lives. This is a place they can come and relax with no pressure, feel comfortable and connect with our beautiful property. We wanted people to stop and breathe and realise how beautiful our country is.

It has taken a lot of hard work to get the property to the stage it is at now, it was very run down. There were no gardens, no lawns, but we were blessed with the beautiful gumtrees on the property. Basically, we had a blank canvas to work with.

Evamor Valley has been named after our two daughters Eva and Morgan (Eva + Mor) – the name represents a fusion of their namesakes, and the essence of our family’s love for them and our property.

What do you love about running your business?

As we develop our glamping facility, the environment remains at the heart of Evamor Valley’s story. Our goal is to create an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty of nature while treading lightly upon it. It’s about allowing our guests to experience the same values and appreciate one of nature’s pure gems.

What’s been your most memorable experience?

Receiving two NSW Tourism Awards within our first two years of operation was amazing. We took home Bronze in New Business in Tourism 2022 and Silver in Unique Accommodation in Tourism 2023

What’s on the horizon for 2024?

Build on our brand and allow our guests to have an amazing experience at their own pace, and embracing the nature and beauty which surrounds them.



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