MEET: Amelia Keen from Indra Beauty & Lashes

lifestyle people Feb 28, 2024

Amelia is the owner and founder of Indra Beauty & Lashes, a multi-location salon offering a friendly and welcome environment which encourages wellbeing and relaxation.


Tell us about Indra Beauty

I opened the original salon in May 2017 and since then, we have relocated three times due to the rapid growth of demand and expanding the team and treatments.  We are a team of six beauty therapists, and all together there are 10 treatment rooms between our two locations, including a couples’ room in the spa side. 

We pride ourselves on creating a personalised experience where clients never feel like just a number. We deliver a holistic approach to wellbeing offering treatment modalities like our infrared sauna, Vibro acoustic therapy and Lomi lomi massage.

We’re open three late nights every week, to ensure our full-time working clients are able to enjoy their regular beauty appointments without having to squeeze it into their lunch break.


What do you love about running your own business?

I love being able to expand my education in treatments but also the knowledge and skill set of my team, which gives us the ability to introduce new treatments and techniques from the ever-evolving beauty industry.  I still adore performing services myself and I enjoy the creative outlet that running your own beauty salon offers.


What do you enjoy about doing business in Mudgee?

I think the Mudgee community is extremely supportive and as a business owner, I have the opportunity to make an impact on more than just our clients in the region. Through charity donations and sporting sponsorships it’s really nice to give back to the community that supports my business.


What has been your most memorable experience as a business owner?

At the start, I had hoped to have enough work to keep myself busy and keep a hand in doing what I love. To then have it expand so much, to the point of needing staff and bigger premises was a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment. Signing the lease for the third premises and taking over two shop spaces was definitely a memorable moment. Partly because it was absolutely terrifying, but mainly because I was so excited to create a unique and special space that allowed  for amazing spa rituals to be performed in such a beautifully calm atmosphere.


What’s on the horizon for 2024?

Myself and my team will continue to expand our education in all areas so that we can continue to deliver the most up-to-date treatments to our clients. Indra will continue to have a focus on luxury inclusions and making clients feel valued and comfortable.


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