MEET: The Cooyal Hotel

food people Jun 10, 2024

As one of the very few mud brick buildings still remaining, Cooyal Hotel is not only a reminder of the pioneer days of the past, but serves as a testament that good things are enduring.

Tell us about the history of the pub.

Built in the early 1870’s from mud brick, Cooyal Hotel was originally a boarding or lodging house. Being roughly half way between Wollar and Mudgee, it was a good overnight stopping place in the horse and buggy days. It opened as a licensed hotel in 1901.

What is The Cooyal Hotel famous for?

The atmosphere! Surrounded on all sides by sheep grazing land and bush, Cooyal Hotel backs on to Cooyal Creek in a simply amazing and unique rural setting. Enjoy a cool beverage on our deck, looking across the lawn to the bush. From here you can watch the kangaroos grazing in the late afternoon while soaking in the peaceful rural atmosphere. In the cooler months, sit in front of the great open fire and enjoy all the warmth our friendly staff and locals have to offer.

What does the pub mean for the community?

In many ways, the pub is at the core of the community. This is where locals will come to celebrate key events in their lives, share the good times as well as the difficult times, support one another, or just catch up. We raise funds for members of our community in need and provide a range of other supports. We are a safe space where people can be themselves.

What’s your vision for Cooyal Hotel?

We are something different, and its that difference that makes us unique. We are continuously developing and enhancing our menu offerings and our selection of wines and beverages. The ongoing building development project has seen the expansion of indoor and outdoor seating areas with more work currently in process.

The development of the grounds that enhances the atmosphere is also progressing, along with our free camping sites. Our vision is to be the best bush pub in Australia, enhanced by unique rural setting, quality food and beverages offerings and warm, friendly atmosphere. We want to be the place of choice for celebrating special events, friends and good times.

Why should someone drive out to visit?

Because we are something different! We are not like a pub in a city or town. There is plenty of space outside for families to sit and kids to run around and play with the equipment provided. Just get out of town and do something different!



1765 Wollar Rd, Cooyal NSW

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