Off The Main Street - Three Tails Brewery & Smokehouse

food Apr 09, 2024

Our Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Saunders sits down with Three Tails Brewery & Smokehouse co-founder Mick Ash to chat about beer, smoked meats, Spanish-style tapas and the biggest gin  and whiskey selection in Mudgee!

OK Mick, putting it out there...I don’t like beer, what have you got for people like me?
We have an extensive wine list showcasing many of Mudgee’s best vineyards, plus we have the biggest gin and whiskey selection in town, all from small batch, artisan, independent distilleries. You could try a few on a gin, whiskey or rum tasting paddle; or just go for one of our delicious, fun cocktails.

Some of my friends don’t eat smoked BBQ food, do you have other food options too?

Alongside the Smokehouse we have Spanish-style tapas kitchen serving a selection of non-meat small style dishes. The Katsu Whiting Bao Buns are my fave! But do take a look at our meat smoker - it weighs 3.5 tonnes and holds 950kg of meat! 

Most of the time, breweries are usually full of sweaty, old men...

Ours isn’t! You’ll find all groups here - locals, tourists, young and old… and both kids and pets are welcome.

My dogs Bailey and Marmite do love a visit, and my hubby loves your beers - what beers do you actually have at Three Tails?

We have 21 on tap to choose from - there’ll be 12 or so Three Tails Beers, brewed here on site in our brewhouse - they’re as fresh as you can get and there’s every style you can think of. And then we have a huge selection of guest beers from the US, UK, Europe and Asia - we can safely say we have one of the best, if not the best line-up of beers in Australia.

That’s impressive! Where exactly are you?

In Lewis St, a minute’s walk from the town centre. When you visit you’ll be walking into Mudgee’s very first post office in the 1800s - it’s a heritage building and quite beautiful. Inside there are several different rooms, each themed differently, and a huge beer garden and heritage shed with seating. It’s very charming… 

Before I let you go, tell me about your events

There’s always something on - Thursday badge draw night, live music Fridays, special food nights and we take bookings for groups over 20 in size. We host a huge amount of functions like birthdays, get togethers, pre and post wedding functions too. We think it’s the best place in town for a shindig, so just contact us for details!


13A Lewis St, Mudgee NSW 2850

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